Company Overview

Today's marketplace for Real-time,† Embedded Systems, and System On Chip (SOC) is growing at an exponential rate. In this era of information revolution one observes embedded systems and SOC everywhere. From cell phones to PDAs, from digital cameras to camcorders from wired to wireless networks, one observes the presence of SOC solutions. At the core of this technological breakthrough is the secure and reliable digital processing, storage, and transmission of information, be it textual, auditory, or visual.†

Implementers of these technologies face several challenges. They must respond quickly to market demands, which necessitates quick prototyping and testing of the system under design.†

Tufon's goal is to provide engineering design services in design, development, and implementation of SOC solutions, addressing emerging applications in digital communications, digital signal processing, networking, voice, audio and video transmission, and cryptography.Tufonís team is uniquely positioned to provide design services, to the industry through innovation, teamwork, and partnership.

Tufonís team has many years of experience in embedded systems, design, programming, development and implementation, in particular: communications system design and development, speech, audio and video coding, cryptography, and† software development, as well as DSP, and FPGA implementations.